We are surrounded by motivational videos, self-help books, TED talks and inspirational quotes that promote self-improvement. But what are the reasons why it is so important to keep pushing our limits, and always be looking to be better?

  1. So you don’t have to suffer more than necessary.

  2. So others don’t have to suffer for you more than necessary.

  3. To become the best person to come into someone else’s life.

If you are in any sort of pain, this brings the idea that it would be better if the pain didn’t exist, and most of the time, it could have been avoided with the proper preparation. For example, if you have a healthy diet and exercise, your chances of having heart disease are much lower.

If you are continuously learning about your craft and applying it into your job, whatever that is, instead of staying at the same place and wish for a promotion, or getting more clients, you will get closer to actually achieving that. This will increase your self-esteem and your well-being in general.

Look around for things that bother you, in the present or in the future, and see if you can fix it. There are some things that are announcing to you to be fixed, you know what they are, so start there. If you fix 100 things like that, big or small, your life will be a lot different.

Fix the things you do every day. These are the most important things you do and they constitute more than half of your life. Think about it. Your routines: wake up early, meditate, eat a nourish breakfast, exercise, etc. Ask yourself (you have to ask!) how can you improve this, because the morning routine is extremely important. Then, keep asking yourself about every aspect of your life “how can I make X better?”

We see what we aim at. So be careful what you aim at, because this changes how the world manifests to you. If the world manifests to you in a very negative way, one thing to ask is this: am I aiming at the right things?

This story is inspired on the teachings of Professor Jordan B. Peterson, author of 12 Rules for Life, the best book I have ever read. Check out his YouTube videos, they are life-changing, the one below is about the topic of this article.

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