I have been a huge fan of Jordan Peterson for the past 6 months and I have probably watched all of his YouTube videos. The reason I did that is because I have never found so many answers to so many questions in my life. His lectures, books, podcast and blog go much further than your go-to “self-help” or “how-to-improve-yourself” books.

Mr. Peterson is remarkably brilliant in the way he explains 12 practical rules for life, in his new book. It will specially help you if you feel down, do not know what to do with your life or you are going through a depression. After reading 100+ non-fiction books, this is the one that has made the difference by far. Can’t recommend it enough. 

Below it’s a mix of the best of Mr. Peterson on YouTube, and by the way, his channel is approaching 1 million subscribers and we should be the ones to make it happen!