Have you heard of FBA? It stands for Fulfilment by Amazon.

But what is it, exactly? Glad you ask. FBA is a service that allows you to use Amazon facilities to store products you want to sell.

They simply pick, pack, ship and do all the customer service and returns for you. Amazon explains it much better here:

You may think you need to create a revolutionary product that doesn’t exist or already have an online store that sells products already, to use Amazon FBA.

The thing is that, it is not necessary. You do not have to have any of that or even touch or see the product, ever.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find a profitable product (using product research tool).
  2. Find a supplier/manufacturer (for example Alibaba).
  3. Send the product to an Amazon Fulfillment Center (they will pack, fulfill and ship for you).
  4. Optimize and make money.

When I launched my first online business years ago (you can still see the instagram). I had to spend money on web design, social media marketing, Facebook ads and more. You do not have to worry about any of this, Amazon does it all for you. 

I know, I know, easier said than done. Just tell me how I can learn about this thing.

Well, we have been through a lot of content around FBA, from courses to books and YouTube channels, and will share more about our experience soon. Here’s our selection of the best of the best:

1. Derrick Struggle YouTube Channel.

There are a lot of YouTube channels on FBA, we find Derrick’s the one we got the most value out of. He has build several e-commerce businesses with a combined 8-figure revenue. Definitely a must follow.

2. Amazon A to Z: Complete Guide to Amazon FBA Course ($9.99)

I purchased 4 different courses both on Udemy and from other parties, this is simply the best one. You will learn everything from finding the best product to how to negotiate with suppliers in China to how the platform works. For just $10 it is just ridiculous how much knowledge you get.

3. Amazon FBA A Beginners Guide To Selling On Amazon Book ($1.15)

I did a quick search to find the best book on this. I purchased 3 of them, and the cheapest one ended up being the most valuable, kindle version is just $1.15.