Today we are thrilled to share a tool that will allow you to learn new skills, polish the ones you already have, and even share your expertise to get some extra income. This is Skillshare, the Netflix for education.

How is it different from other online learning platforms? Variety, ease of use, cost-efficiency, being able to monetize your know-how…

I hope you can already start to appreciate this is not your average course website.

But if an image is worth 1,00 words, a video is worth much more, let’s see what Skillshare has to say:


Design, business, technology, photography, cooking,… You name it, they have it.

There is over 17,000 classes available, and you could choose to learn from the basics of Photoshop, how to increase your productivity on your day to day, or a new programming language, all in the same website, and from experts with classes that have been quality checked.

*Goodbye, shaky YouTube video tutorials.*


Do you have a free day and are feeling like learning something new? Dig in for a masterclass of several hours and be sure that you learnt something through a real, hands on project you will get feedback from.

You only have a lunch break, you are in a rush to learn a minor skill you need for a project, or you are feeling simply curious? Find a one hour or even 20 minutes-long quick class that will give you what you need.

The best part is that you do not need to worry about the course you want being taught during a limited period of time like on other platforms, if you find it on Skillshare it is there for you to enjoy, no matter if it was posted a year ago or yesterday.

No need to worry about paying $90 for a certificate every time you finish a course.

We know that what matters in the long term is the knowledge we gain in the classes, and the practical skills you get making the projects, and Skillshare knows it too.

Even more, if you get a premium membership, the amount of courses available explodes to over 17,000. Not only that, by going premium you are supporting the teachers in Skillshare, getting rid of any ads, become able to download courses and keep learning even offline, and will be able to interact with the enormous community to enhance your learning experience further.

The premium subscription is a no-brainer at just $8/mo, but if you want to try it out first, instead of the free month they usually offer, here’s a 2 month FREE trial customized for Valdour readers.