Yesterday, I came across a great YouTube channel from JW Weatherman, an under-the-radar personality with a strong opinion on almost anything important.

Even though most of the videos do not even have a thousand views, after watching a few of them I can promise you there is high quality there. Especially loved the one about the decision of wasting 4 years of your life going to college.

I took notes of the most important ideas. You have the full video below, but don’t watch if you’re easily offended.

  • The person without the college degree has a tendency of being more hard-working because they do not have that sense of entitlement. A person with a 4-year degree thinks they are owed a job. Hiring somebody right out of high school with the same amount of experience (zero) would be the better option, 9 times out of 10.


  • In some point in the future, we all are going to be saying “obviously”. It does not make any sense with the internet and everything online to waste time to go to college. An employer won’t understand your decision of wasting 4 years going to a classroom to listen to a guy to get a piece of paper that does not differentiate you from anyone.


  • Recently, Google, Facebook, and others announced that they are not going to be requiring college degrees. The thing is that they never have. They have had high-school interns forever.


  • If you are getting into a field that is highly paid because the government is restricting access to it, that is a bad idea, because the government is becoming less able to maintain these kinds of cartels. Technology is disrupting everything. A good example is Uber vs. taxi. You do not want to depend on government favors to be paid well. What you want to be doing are tasks that are so valuable that they do not require government favors.


  • 4 years of experience will be always better than 4 years with a degree and zero experience. There is no way that at any year, not 5, 10 15 years out, the person with the degree is going to eclipse the other one.


  • Become an expert in what you love. An example is Peter McKinnon. He spent a few years working in a camera store learning how to use all the equipment. Then opened a YouTube channel and went from zero to 2.5+ million subscribers. He’s probably making at least $200k a year and probably much more with affiliate marketing and sponsored content. Be more like Peter. Find your field. Don’t go to college.