In whichever industry Elon gets involved, he goes there to give a twist to what is considered as established and throws it out the window to disrupt the market.

He made reusable rocket launchers from a fool’s fantasy to a reality, transformed the electric car from a ecologist-oriented niche product to the future of the automobile sector, and now he has set his sight on the education sector.

What will the result be? Let us see:

You heard it.

No grades, education fitted for the student, not molding students with a standardized method and following rigid scheduling.

Focused on problem solving and hands-on knowledge, aiming to foster understanding and critical thinking in the 7 to 14 year-old pupils, the school hosts less than forty students.

You can see immediately this is not your average school:

With a strong focus on STEM, the school is named Ad Astra, Latin for “to the stars”, and topics include robotics, weather balloons, and even ethical and political solutions for Artificial Intelligence.

Languages, sports and arts are relegated to the background, and students can drop out of classes if they don’t like them, and even ask the school to implement new ones.

The lack of education on humanities may attract some critics, but there is no lack of believers either, as the 12 available places in the small, non-profit school were vied for by 400 families last year.