If you are or went to college, chances are that your alumni email was linked to either Microsoft or Google.

If it was with Google, congratulations. You just got free unlimited storage for life. And saved thousands of dollars per year (30TB is more than $3,000 a year).

Even after graduating? YES.

How did I discover this?

I was talking to a friend of mine that just finished his masters in aerospace engineering. He told me he has all this free storage even after graduating.

Made me think.

I dropped out 5 years ago, and I thought my email address was deleted. It was worth a try.

I started looking for my old uni email, found it, logged in into Google Drive and voilá. I had free unlimited storage. I was paying about 200€ a year for 2TB and now that is free.

But what if did not going to college?

Well, you can benefit from this too.

In some countries like Spain, college tuition is actually cheaper than actually paying for Google Drive. Consider even paying for a course linked to a uni that offers an email address so you can get this.