Jordan B. Peterson does a monthly Q&A where he answers questions from his Patreon’s supporters.

One of them asked him for advice to public speaking and he gave an easy, step-by-step framework in just 8 minutes. You can see the full video here. 

The 9-Step Process Jordan B. Peterson Uses for Public Speaking

1. If you’re gonna speak about something, you need to know 3-4 times as much as you’re gonna speak, at minimum.

2. Do a lot of background research.

3. Have multiple stories at hand than you can use to illustrate your point.

4. Have a point.

5. Organize the stories as a journey about around the point.

6. Talk about something you know using your personal experience, you are a master in that.

7. It’s good to speak directly to the individuals in the audience, one after the other, to see if they’re following at all.

8. If the audience is dead silent, then you’re on the right track.

9. There has to be a meaningful output to every fact of a story. Like “How does this fact change the way you perceive the world?

You can follow Mr. Peterson’s work on his website, where you will find his podcast, YouTube channel, courses and books.

The best discovery I have made in 2018 is this gentleman.