Outsite is a company that promotes coliving and coworking beautiful spaces around the world. A community of well-rounded entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers that share, as they put it, 4 core beliefs:

Home sharing. Fascinating locations around the world including Bali, California, Hawaii, and more. All packed up in unique properties with all the amenities you need and made for and by digital nomads.

Remote work. You don’t need to sit in an office from 9 to 5. If your business is digital, new technologies and flexible employers are now allowing much of the work to be done remotely.

Work/life balance. All their location feature an amazing atmosphere of entertainment during the week, community events and a lot of opportunities to explore and grow relationships and connections.

Sustainability. The use of car sharing services, public transportation, bikes and notable partnerships with leading companies of sustainably sourced foods are just a few of the examples you can find.

Check out Outsite and their beautiful locations here and book a room to join this awesome community, we hope to visit them soon.