We live fast. Very fast. We live for the weekends. We hate our job. We need a break.

Let me tell you something, taking a sabbatical is probably not the best choice. For most people, a month or two is more than enough to renew energy.

While taking a break, there is no need to totally disconnect from work, no matter if you have a day job or run your own business.

If you work for someone else, ask for remote work, even if it requires a reduced pay. If you work as an entrepreneur, delegate, outsource, and only focus on what you do best.

This way, you are closer to what comes next.

Wouldn’t it be nice to break your routine for a month, travel to an incredible location with like-minded people, experience unprecedented experiences and also have the perfect environment ready for working remotely?

Lucky for us, Unsettled exists, and they solve all of the above.

Unsettled offers 30-day travel and work retreats in superb locations like Cape Town, Morocco, Nicaragua and even the Amazon.

Want to learn to surf like a pro in Muizenburg or enjoy yoga and meditation on Clifton beach? Apply for Cape Town. 

Want to dive one of the best WWII wrecks in the world or eat incredibly healthy food, at incredibly cheap prices? Apply to Bali

Hope to see you there…