Hear, hear!

Gather around to hear the fresh news in the eSports arena!

(I guess that saying “fresh news” may be a bit redundant, but bear with me for the theatrical effect)

It has already been a while since the news coming from eSports are invariably good ones…

And this case will not buck the trend.

These are great tidings for the eSports world.

Each time you speak with someone who does not know the sector and you have to explain to them what eSports are…

They probably look at you with a mix of confusion and incredulity.

Because for a more traditional mindset putting together the words “electronic” and sports is almost impossible, like mixing oil and water.

I know I have seen myself in this situation, and happily, now we have yet another fact to support our argument that this is truly a sport, our sport.

The giant enterprise Nike just showed in a marketing campaign an eSports player.

Specifically a League of Legends (LoL) pro player.

And that is just the start of the good news for him…

The athlete is Jian Uzi Zihao, ADC of the Chinese LoL team Royal Never Give Up.

But wait, there is more…

Worldwide known basketball star LeBron James has joined the project of eSports t-shirts design.

Uzi has been well-known in the LoL world since he was practically a child.

And now he is 21 years old and a superstar…

He was awarded as the best player of the year in the 2018 World Championship of LoL.

He now is the first eSports athlete that appeared in a Nike campaign.

(many thought he actually signed a contract with them, which Nike denied)

This is not the first time that big brands and world-wide known stars sign up to collaborate in an eSports project.

In November 2017 the company 100 Thieves received a multi-million investment from the Cleveland Cavaliers…

And along with it an investment from the founder of SB Projects, Scooter Braun

And from the music star Drake, both of whom became co-owners.

Nike getting in is just making it ever clearer.

eSports is growing exponentially and is not a passing trend…

But a very good business that deserves (and is receiving!) serious backing.

The news is just going to get better!