eSports (competitive gaming between professionals players of video games) has become a cultural sensation in every way possible.

It has gone from an eccentric niche activity to a rapidly growing industry.

Let me explain to you the reasons why eSports is gonna be much bigger for business. (You may even consider becoming a pro gamer)

1. Predicted 2021 revenue of over $1.6 Billion

Not only that, the revenue back in 2015 was only $325 million.

The gains, there.

Take a look at the chart below, and see that the revenue more than doubled from 2015 to 2017, and by 2021 the revenue growth is estimated at +500%.

P.S. This revenue does not even include eSports betting, which is considered a separate industry.

2. Almost 400 million spectators in 2017

Searching for a way to reach Millennials and Generation-Z?

eSports may very well be your answer.

With a steady growth of both enthusiasts and occasional viewers, the rise in popularity of pro gaming is undeniable.


3. 7-Figures Prize Pools

In last year’s International Dota 2 2017 Championship, a total prize pool of $24.7 million was distributed among the winners.

In comparison, the NBA has a prize pool of $13 million, and the Tour de France 2017 $2.77 million.


This is translated into spectacular prize earnings for top players of eSports intensive games:

With prize earnings in the north of $3 million for top players, there can be no argument that the eSports industry is an attractive one.

4. eSports Pro Gamers Recently Recognized as Athletes.

You read that right.

Since 2013, the US allows for international players to gain working visas to compete and play in US teams.

That is f***ing huge.

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