I started playing World of Warcraft when I was 11. I was only allowed to play on weekends and it was seen by my parents as a complete waste of time, but I loved every second of it.

There was a time (I swear) that I knew more about this game than literally about anything else in life. I stopped playing 8 years ago to focus on my businesses.

I couldn’t believe when in 2013, the first championships of League of Legends sold out LA’s Staples Center in less than an hour.

An suddenly, Pro Gamers were treated as professional athletes! To the point that some teams like ElevateGG (Call of Duty) live in a $15 million Hollywood Reservoir mansion. 

Watch Mike (SpaceLy) tell us about his story, their routines and perks they get. Looking forward to watching more videos like this, a new series by Bloomberg’s Aki Ito.