How do most people make money?

Well, basic math. You work X hours at Y dollars per hour and then you get paid. There are two variables that control your paycheck: time and skill.

Time is limited. You cannot work more than 40 hours per week, and if you do, in most cases extra hours are not paid, and even if you do, you limit your life to working for somebody else.

Skill is developed over time, and not recognized instantly, it may take years until you get that promotion you want.

A friend of mine works for a consulting company in Spain (one of the top 4). He makes around $50,000 with bonus, which is above average in the country, and has been working there for 4 years. He just made Senior Consultant and works (on average) 60h per week. We calculated that after deducting taxes, he barely nets $15 per hour.

Don’t get me wrong, you can live well in Spain netting that money, but think about this, even though he will end up making much more in the future, let’s say $100k, how does his life look like? He only lives for that job, and works 60h weeks!

Most people think that the big bucks are made working a lot of hours, when in reality money is made working smarter.

Let me ask you this: what do you prefer, to work 60h weeks and make $100k, or work 30h weeks and make $50k?

Time is your most valuable asset, don’t waste it in a job you hate.

Do not sacrifice your days and weekends working extra hours.

Instead, learn how to build a passive income business. It may be an online store, sell a book, trade stocks or teach a course online. These things make money while you sleep. This is the goal.

Take a look at Ryan Scribner, he quit his well-paid union job after learning about this. Then he started investing, and built a profitable online business. Hit play to learn his biggest lesson about money: