So Jesús (Valdour editor) appeared at my house a month ago with a box full of gaming peripherals and asked me to write a review all of them…

I spend a lot of time in front of the computer either gaming or working, so I thought that it would be a great idea.

My reviews will be done that way, and why they are different from most others you will find.

Tons of people do this kind of content, and they fill it with the technical details you can find in the box, stock photos and videos straight from the brand’s website…

That’s not what I am doing here.

My reviews will be focused on more practical information on the use of the products, the small details that you can only appreciate after several weeks trying them several hours per day…

And that can get you to either grow fond of a product or get sick of it.

Got it?

The products are reviewed from the point of view of a gamer, but also of an engineer who spends many hours per day doing technical work.

(Around 160 hours using what I am about to review, actually)

Having gotten that out the way…

The most used computer peripherals: a mousepad, a mouse and a keyboard.

Editor quick note: I actually did buy all this gear myself and this article is not sponsored by the brands. However, links to the products are affiliate links and we get a small commission if you end up hitting the “Buy Button”.

Ozone Ground Level EVO Design – Gaming Deskpad

The Ozone desk pad that I have been testing has absolutely no disadvantages or aspects that have bugged me.

Good start, right?

I have tried it out for more than a month. 

And I love it.

Let me tell you why…

First, It does not get dirty easily.

Second, it will not get too warm even in a hot climate and several hours of use.

Third, it has an adequate thickness to be comfortable over long periods of use.

The quality/price ratio is excellent, too.

We got it for less than $20.

In a more personal note, I use it desk both for my computer and to write on paper and take notes.

So it could be the case that you do not like the feel of a pad below the paper for this kind of tasks…

But this is really up to you, I like it this way.

Finally, it should be noted that there is no wrist rest…

And the same thing happens, it depends whether you like it or not.

In my case, it bothers me, lol.

We got the XXL size which is about 45 by 90 by 0.3 cm.

More than enough for a full-size keyboard, mouse and other peripherals.

This one stays at the office. Great purchase.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Gaming Mouse

I wanted to try something different and that would be approachable for not just gaming enthusiasts by also more casual users.

That’s why I choose this mouse from world-class gaming brand Corsair.

Good thing about it is that even though it is their flagship product, it is very, very good.

And does not break the bank

I am glad that I choose this mouse.

At a far more affordable price than you find for high-end gaming mice, this model is comfortable, has different configurations available depending on the kind of activity you want to use it for…

And the wire is long enough even if you have a desktop on the floor, as I do.

The mouse has a great feel, it is made of quality materials and has a good design, which makes it really easy to get used to it.

The only “fail” I could find is its size and weight…

Let me explain.

Because as it was the case with the desk pad, it is something subjective…

My hands are bigger than average, the mouse feels a bit small for me, but then again, that would not be the case for most people.

Regarding the weight, I prefer mice with adjustable weight to make it just right.

However, this is a personal preference, and for other users, this may be too nitpicky.

As an interesting detail and a definite positive feature…

A cap for the USB comes along with the mouse.

This makes it possible to transport it on trips without worrying about dust, dirt or anything else getting into the USB connector.


Good value for the price.

Comfortable feel, great design…

And nice additions like USB connection protector.


(the “but” should be lowercase but I think it adds some drama)

I would have loved the possibility to adjust the weight.

For the price you’re paying, you are getting much more than you should, believe me.

Wait to see the next item…

Krom Kernel Tkl Mechanical Keyboard

Alright alright alright…

The biggest surprise of this batch was the mechanical keyboard from Spanish brand Krom.

I have to tell you that at first, I did not expect much of it…

And this is because any mechanical keyboard with good characteristics usually costs double (or even more) than the price of this one.

It was shocking in a very pleasant way to see that it is indeed possible to have a good quality mechanical keyboard without having to empty your wallet.

The attention to detail is shown everywhere.

I have even recommended this keyboard to a few friends already…

If you are in the gaming world, this is definitely the ultimate purchase. 

I see the price going up for sure, there is just SO MUCH value.

(Editor note: price already increased a little, lol)

It even has a tool to remove keys and clean the keyboard.

The size is perfect and the feel is awesome.

Although this gets really close, there are some features I would add to make it perfect.

(I can ask for whatever I want, okay?)

First, I think that two levels of height would be a great addition.

Also, a “gaming” mode that would allow blocking and/or customize the keys usually reserved for the OS and are not useful when gaming.

And keystrokes could be a bit “softer” at the start of the movement.

Nevertheless, these complaints are small details, and I need to restate that this is probably the best gaming keyboard at its price point.

That would be all for now, stay tuned!