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If you are on Instagram for any extended period of time, you have surely crossed paths with some content put out there by Brandon Amato. Brandon is well-known for his ability to create inspiring videos with an unmatched style of his experiences around the world.

Wanting to learn more about him and his work, I asked him a few questions.

Jay Orozco @valdour: Brandon, can you introduce yourself to those who might not know you or your work?

Brandon: What’s up, I’m Brandon Amato! I’m 20 years old from Honesdale, Pennsylvania. I moved to Los Angeles about 3 years ago to pursue my dreams of traveling the world, share my stories and inspire others through art.

I’ve always been on the creative side and never did well in a school setting, dealing with ADHD all through high school I quickly realized that I would never work a “normal” job because I wasn’t a “normal” kid.

Not fitting into the societal norm and being the hyperactive kid who was in detention every other day is exactly what made me figure out my path and is what drives me to succeed against all odds.



V:  You have traveled a lot these past 2 years, probably more than most people will in a lifetime. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

B: I wake up every day grateful. First of all grateful that I woke up, and then that I’m waking up in France, Bali, South Africa, Greece, Etc. Yes, I probably have traveled more than most people will in their lifetime but I try to share the experience of my travels the best that I can through my videos for those who aren’t able to travel.

Where do I see myself in 10 years? Good question! I’ve been living an extremely spontaneous lifestyle for the past few years and I’ve really just been riding the wave, seeing where it takes me! I have an interest in all kinds of art though, not just videos. I want to make music in the future, direct films, have a clothing line and who knows what else.

A lot of people look at me and think I have it all figured out because I travel a lot and have a large following on social media but I’m 20 and like most 20-year-olds I’m not exactly sure what I want to do long term!

But at the end of the day if I’m doing something I enjoy, making the world a better place in some form, and supporting my family then it’s all good.



V:  We’ve seen pictures of you in Bali, Mykonos and now Saint-Tropez. Last summer you spent a good amount of time in Ibiza. Where is your favorite place to be in the summer so far and why?

B: I like to do a little of each for the summer! Party in Ibiza, chill out in Bali and then do a little bit of both in Saint-Tropez! During the winter head to Cape Town because it’s summer there during our winter season, and Cape Town is overall my favorite place I’ve been to!


V: You jump cliffs, ride all kind of skateboards, do backflips and jet skis. What is the most insane thing you have done (that you can share here)?

B: I spent a good portion of my teenage years in the emergency room because I’ve always been into extreme sports and was constantly getting hurt. I think I’ve had stitches around 12 times, broke both of my arms, 4 or 5 concussions, and was on a first name basis with my local emergency room.

I can’t think of the single craziest thing I’ve done but the highest cliff that I’ve jumped was in Italy and it was around 100 ft.



V: We’ll definitely reach out to Adam Horwitz for an interview on the matter, he recently started WOLVES TALENT, a creative agency for micro-creators. What was your involvement in this venture?

B: Adam has played a huge role in my traveling and overall journey the past couple of years!

Wolves Talent is his project for helping micro creators gain some exposure, give them a place to collab and learn, and more! The creation of the agency is all him though! I just edited and helped shoot the launch video for it!



V: People want to be like you. Tell us your best advice to become a micro-influencer.

B: Be yourself, don’t copy what you see bigger creators doing or else you will never have the originality to offer and will never find yourself where you want to be because you will always be in the shadow of the person you copied.

Be consistent, this is something I’m still working on but the more you create the more chance at the exposure you get. But it’s a win-win because the more you create the more you progress also.


V: You met Bobby Misner last summer when you were traveling in Europe with WOLVES. Tell us more about your friendship. Also, Are you working on a new project with him that you can share with us?

B: That’s my best friend. We met in France last summer randomly, he invited us to stay at his house and we became good friends fast. Then when I was back in LA he moved there to work on some acting stuff and we started hanging out every day. He told me that he had an interest in starting a YouTube channel and traveling so we got on a plane and started. That’s my dog though, he’s dope.



V: We are strong supporters of the idea that you can be more successful without going to college. When you finished high-school you decided not to go. Tell us about the reasons and whether or not you regret this decision.

B: Like I said earlier, I just never did well in the school system. I’m a hands-on learner. I don’t learn by reading out of a book sitting quietly on a little desk. That stuff drove me crazy, I always knew I was talented though and I knew how to learn and succeed my way so I never let school discourage me.

I just got through it (barely) and then when I finished I knew college would be a waste of time and money and that money could be invested in something much more beneficial for me. So when I had an opportunity to move to LA I just went for it to see where it would take me. Just to be clear, I’m not against school at all haha when I talk about this some people think that’s what I feel. I just think the schooling system needs a lot of work and it shouldn’t just cater to one type of person.


V: Apart from your influencer work, you do freelance video editing and producing as well. What can a client expect from your services?

B: The same thing they expect when I release one of my own videos! Obviously, I can’t affect how they film their shots but once it is sent to me as far as the editing goes I treat it as one of my own videos!



V: This question is straight from Tim Ferriss’ book. If you had a billboard that people could see in their morning commute, what would it say?

B: “You woke up this morning.” People can very easily get stuck on auto-pilot and not recognize the simplest of blessings like waking up, being able to walk, having a roof over your head.

As soon as you can appreciate the simple things all the other stuff is just an extra reason to be stoked and all the things that are bothering you get put into perspective.

Appreciate you guys for the interview, much love!


My thanks to Brandon for taking time out of his day to answer a few of my questions and to shed light on his life as a creator and video producer.

Make sure you follow his Instagram and YouTube channel or contact him directly in case you are interested in his freelancing work as video editor and producer.

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