Private members’ clubs are booming.

I have visited a few in Barcelona and London this year and even though they are elite venues and the cost of a membership is in the thousands per year, they are extremely cool. 

But they are clearly not made for the millennial generation.

I just came across Around Lounges, a new concept that blends the relaxed atmosphere of the traditional members-club with the needs of the millennial generation, with memberships starting at just 48€/month, with unlimited access.

“Protagonists of a paradigm shift that prefers mobility over roots, pleasure over possession, solidarity over status, cooperation over control and contribution over compensation.”


The first location will be in Madrid (the city I live in) and they plan to expand across Europe very soon. It is not opened yet but a few renders of the place have been released already, take a look:

I already applied for a membership and hope to pay them a visit very soon. Stay tuned for more.