I am in the hunt for a winter retreat to go with my girlfriend at the end of january.

Now that cold season is starting, there is no better way to embrace it than spending a few days in a nice hotel in the mountainside.

But the seek is not being easy…

We live in beautiful Spain at the moment.

And even though we have some of the best ski slopes of the planet, definitely not the best hotels…

Having got used to Swiss Alps lodges, trying to find something similar is near impossible.

(very first world problems, I know)

Nevertheless, I think I found it.

And it’s probably even better than most luxury hotels in Cortina or Zermatt…

I can’t be more excited to share this with you…

This is the mountainside retreat alpine dreams are made of.


Introducing El Lodge.

It is located in beautiful Sierra Nevada, (south of Spain (Granada).

This stylish and cozy stay features the best looking suites you’ve ever seen, state of the art restaurants, the coolest spa and a first-class outdoor pool.

Booking is already open and ski season starts in 2 weeks…

Looking forward to spending a few days there, I’ll get you informed.

El Lodge has it all: warmth, comfort and good powder…

Take a look around the stay: