I’m in the hunt for a new apartment and the mattress is basically the only important thing I care about.

I live in Madrid, and after visiting a few stores and doing research, I’m freaking out.

Finding some high-quality mattress and a bedding set is somehow easy. But it comes at a price, a high price.

After asking for some quotes from stores that supply luxury hotels, the least expensive set is at around 2.000€ (around $2,300). Lucky for me, I got targeted by a company on Instagram that blew my mind.

“Como una marmota” is a Spanish startup that offers premium mattresses, and luxury bedding sets at prices that won’t break the bank. The name comes from the Spanish phrase “Dormir como una marmota”, or “sleep like a log”.

A full kit (king size mattress, duvet, 2 pillows, and fitted sheet) is just under 1.000€. Perfect.

Spending money on good shoes, top-notch towels, and an amazing bed always will be worth it. For the latter, check out Como una Marmota here.