Buying a car is probably the worst “investment” you can make.

If you add up the cost of the car plus insurance, maintenance, taxes, and depreciation, in some cases you would have been better going in a taxi.

Although there are other alternatives like leasing or renting, these two often require long-term contracts and you end up paying almost the same.

So, should you own, rent or lease?

None of the above.

Thanks to Bipicar, a new way to rent a car is possible. Welcome to the subscription-based model of cars.

What they offer is simple: an affordable, flexible plan to own a car for a day, for a few days a month or for the full month.

Everything is included. They even deliver the car to your location (airport, home, office,…) and you manage everything from the app.

Do some numbers and see the cost and use of your car.

It is more than likely that you can sell it, take the money and join a flexible plan that allows you to get an Audi A1 or even a Tesla Model S for the days that you actually need a car, for much less than the monthly cost of owning one. Check them out here.