If you are into online marketing, chances are that you have come across one of Bastian’s ads.

Bastian Ernst launched Wild Audience a few years ago, as a marketing consultant to small companies.

It rapidly evolved to sell a ground-breaking online course that teaches you how to create a respect-based relationship funnel (more on this here) and help high-ticket clients achieve outstanding results in their marketing.

I know, never heard of. That’s because “Respect-based marketing” is an in-house term. He even registered the .com domain.

But we are not writing this to talk about the course. (although we got every single one of them and are probably the best online marketing courses in the world.)

It’s the journey of Wild Audience and Bastian himself has fascinated us for the past months.

The captivating entrepreneurial story of a guy that went to Silicon Valley and then created a company is the first episode of what promises to be one of our favorite podcasts.

Hit play, you won’t be disappointed.