In case you didn’t notice, a substantial part of Valdour runs on affiliate marketing. This year, we are approaching 6-figures revenue.

That is not pocket change.

We recommend books, online courses, and services (that we actually use or are extremely aligned with our mission). And we get a small commission on every sale, subscription or even free trial.

If we drive enough traffic and make the counterpart money, that usually leads for the company to reach us and then we work with them on other advertising deals (native advertising or presenting sponsor).

Learning affiliate marketing is not especially difficult but finding a quality course or guide is.

Not anymore.

Stefan Taylor is an entrepreneur that has built several websites that bring in 6-figures every year. He just shared what we call “The Bible of Affiliate Marketing”, covering everything you need to make websites that generate thousands per month without expending a dime.

There is no excuse to not have a side income online. No matter your situation. Click the picture below to read it: