International man of mystery Alex Hawkers did it again.

After selling his shares in Hawkers for an undisclosed amount (8-figures for sure), he has started investing in other businesses.

Last summer, we saw that he bought a big-ass yacht and then we realize that he was getting paid around 70,000€/week by renting it.

And a few weeks ago, he announced that Neon Coco, a brand that we have seen influencers promote pretty heavily, is his company.

The brand has already exploded.

Neon Coco is a fast-paced fashion brand for women that will have one hundred new designs every week.

You read that right.



Aimed at young women, the first idea was to lease a state of the art mansion in Beverly Hills and fly a dozen influencers from Spain including Jessica Goicoechea (1+ million followers)

They plan to sell 20 million in the first 6 months and ship 100.000 orders per day in 2 years time.

Look, Alex went from $300 to $200,000,000 with Hawkers, so…

Here are a few posts of the time they are having in Beverly Hills:

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you…